We love spices and we love making CHAI LATTE.

It’s your choice whether you like it sweetened or not. We can also make a decaf version.

All hot drinks can be taken away. Why not bring your own reusable mug?

St. Martin and Mulled wine

As a native of the famous small wine town of Valtice, I cannot image our cafe without a good selection of wines.

This weekend is the perfect time to try our St. Martin wines or Mulled wine.

Fables and fairy tales from the Moravian Uplands

Many of you have noticed this charming book among the books we provide for our guests’ entertainment.

The book was written and illustrated by the zoologist of the Jihlava Museum of the Moravian Uplands. The animals behave as they do in real life though in addition they speak and adopt human traits.

There are a few copies of the book available for sale in our cafe.

Gluten-free desserts

We added to gluten-free desserts to our offer.

Even if you normally don’t worry about eating gluten, we can recommend you try either of these two delicious desserts without compromise.

Chilli con Carne

Today we made for you Chilli con Carne.

Our version of this classic Mexican dish is cooked with minced pork and beef meat, tomatoes and beans and is not spicy hot.

We serve it with Basmati rice and on request with hellishly hot Habanero chilli sauce.

Our offer today also includes celery soup, filled tortillas or your favourite fusilli and haricot beans in blue cheese sauce with dill.